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Retrocommissioning &
Decarbonization Planning


Delta Delta Delta Iota House




Ann Arbor, MI


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The Iota House chapter of the Delta Delta Delta sorority occupies a historic building in the University of Michigan’s Central Campus. As a member of Ann Arbor’s 2030 District, the chapter shares the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2030.

Inclination Engineering provided retrocommissioning to tune-up the building's mechanical systems and decarbonization planning to chart a pathway to carbon neutrality.

Tri Delta boiler retrocommissioning saved 27% in annual natural gas and $2700.

Decarbonization Plan

The plan electrifies the building's heating and appliance with 7 tasks phased from 2023 to 2030. Read the plan summary for more information.

Retrocommissioning Report

The retrocommissioning report identified 4 energy conservation measures with a predicted natural gas reduction of 11% saving of f $1,390 per year with a 5 year payback. A major measure implemented during the project was updating the boiler control programming to shutdown the boilers during warm weather. A year after the retrocommissioning, the actual weather normalized gas reduction was 27% with $2,700 in savings.

The report provided recommendations to improve building health and safety. A Corrective Maintenance Log was updated throughout the project to identify items that needed repairs, replacements, or other service by a contractor.


Finally, a Systems Manual was compiled which describes the function and operation of the mechanical systems. The manual will help contractors to diagnose service issues, the house director to balance energy efficiency and comfort, and the chapter board to make facility planning decisions.


"During retrocommissioning, Caleb did in-depth site investigations and equipment testing to really understand how the building was working, and not working. The Systems Manual recorded his findings with accessible language and a high level of detail. With no dedicated facilities manager, this manual is invaluable to operating our building efficiently over time."

- Jan Culbertson

  Iota House Corporation Vice President

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