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Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church
MEP Equipment Replacement Plan


Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church




Livonia, MI


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Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church (RGPC) was built in 1929 then expanded with major additions in 1959, 1963, and 1999. Today the building includes a sanctuary, social hall, office wing, education classrooms, meeting spaces, and a chapel for a total of 50,000 square feet. The mechanical equipment ranged in age from new split systems to 60 year old boilers. Inclination Engineering created an MEP Equipment Replacement Plan for the church that outlined equipment replacement tasks, their estimated timing, and their probable costs. The church will incorporate the replacement costs from the report into its future budgets.

The report identified improvements to safety, energy efficiency, and comfort that could be made when replacing equipment. These included:

  • Electrical safety improvements

  • Improving ventilation

  • Reducing from three boilers with a total of 4,200,000 btu/h input, to two boilers with a total of 2,000,000 btu/h

  • Adding additional heating zones to improve comfort

  • Adding air conditioning to the lower level fellowship hall

  • Creating an equipment controls system synchronized to the church's digital room reservation calendar

MEP Equipment Replacement Plan

The MEP Equipment Replacement Plan consists of general descriptions of equipment modification or replacement tasks and a phased timeline of when each task should be completed. We conducted extensive site visits and reviewed existing drawings to determine the space available for new equipment, ducts, and pipes. Tasks that need coordination are cross referenced to each other. Probable costs will be used by the church to budget for future expenses.

Equipment Replacement Planning

"The Equipment Replacement Plan was tremendously helpful when our maintenance contractor told us the boilers would probably not last another winter. We would have been in trouble without already having a replacement plan in place."

- RGPC Buildings and Grounds Committee Member

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