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Explore our collection of internal and external resources regarding decarbonization, building electrification, mechanical engineering, and building energy efficiency.

Switching a building's heating source from natural gas to electricity impacts utility costs based on electricity cost and equipment efficiency. Compare the best electricity rates for heat pumps from DTE, a Michigan's utility provider. Learn about the Breakeven Heat Pump Efficiency

Standing Air Conditioner

Managing the temperature of a building’s domestic hot water system balances controlling pathogen growth with scalding risk. Learn how the two compare and the recommended solution.

The City of Ann Arbor requires commercial and multifamily buildings to track their energy and water use and report the results to the city. Read more about how this requirement will phase in through 2024.

Ann Arbor's Department of Sustainability and Innovations provides lots of resources on how to get started with benchmarking. Another good resource is the Ann Arbor 2030 District, a nonprofit dedicated to building sustainability. The District provides free benchmarking to its members and there is no cost for property owners and managers to join.

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