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Boiler room with piping overhead

Inclination Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm

Addressing concerns about your building with plans and designs

"We have our company sustainability statement finalized, now what?"
"Why is it always so cold in here?"
"I want to learn more about saving on utility costs."
"What are we going to do when that old boiler breaks?"
"I want to make sure the new system is going to meet our needs."
"Could our building really be carbon neutral? How would we afford that?"

City skyline with environmentally friendly icons floating.


Inclination Engineering provides mechanical engineering design services to building owners and design firms in Southeast Michigan. Our mission is to  transform sustainability goals into plans. Make a plan to replace HVAC equipment before it breaks, to increase building energy efficiency, and to electrify your building.

Green building stands out from neighboring wooden ones
Open Ceiling showing ducts and pipes.
Pipes and Pressure
Commissioning Chiller Check

Organizations make commitments to reduce their carbon emissions. While the process may seems simple, getting it done within a limited budget is challenging. A decarbonization plan can address these challenges by improving building energy efficiency, rightsizing the heating equipment, and phasing the equipment replacement over time.

We provide professional engineering design for mechanical and plumbing systems. We work with building owners, contractors, and architects to design systems that work for the occupant.

HVAC Equipment Replacement Planning

We inspect your building and listen to your performance and sustainability goals. Then we make a phased replacement plan for your mechanical equipment. We provide financial analysis of equipment replacement cost, utility costs, and sustainability financing options.


Retrocommissioning is a process to inspect and tune up a building’s systems. Commissioning agents uncover issues the building owner had not noticed and resolve them early. These services improve energy efficiency, increase occupant comfort, provide owner control over the mechanical systems, and improve maintenance practices.

"Our organization has sustainability goals, but we needed a roadmap that was specific to our building operations. The timeline, in the Decarbonization Plan, is an ideal summary of the tasks ahead for our capital improvement planning.  The combination of summaries and detailed descriptions of the tasks made the plan useful to readers from technical and nontechnical backgrounds."

-Jan Culbertson, Iota House Corporation Vice President

Ann Arbor, Michigan

(734) 707-7303

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